Deliv. NoDeliverable NameWP NoLead Participant Short NameNatureDissemination LevelDelivery Month
1.1Evaluation of financial, legal aspect, manage progress, coordination and communication1USAMVActivity reportPUJuly 2015
2.1Establishing Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitat Modification2USAMVResearch reportPUMay 2016
2.2Establishing Cost-effectiveness of sustainable aquaculture and new market opportunities2USAMVResearch reportPUMay 2016
3.1Establishing a method of developing a model of multi-use aquaponic platform solutions3UDJGResearch reportPUOctober 2016
4.1The review of existing and in-progress technologies of the different subsystems required for the structural and functional elements of the model of multi-purpose aquaponics production system4UDJGResearch reportPUMarch 2017
5.1Establishing atmospheric and water data model for aquaponic production system5UDJGResearch reportPUAugust 2017
5.2Establishing biological data model for aquaponic production system5UDJGResearch reportPUAugust 2017
6.1The guidelines for facilitate smooth and safe management and implementation the Model of Multi Use Aquaponics Production Platforms6UDJGResearch reportPUMarch 2018
7.1A report to describe the design process at study sites, through application of the methodologies and outcomes derived from all the other WPs7UDJGResearch reportPUJuly 2018
7.2An integrated procedure, detailed into a guideline book, for planning and designing for multi-use aquaponics production platforms7UDJGResearch reportPUJuly 2018
8.1The feasibility of the multi-use concepts compared to the single use approach of aquaculture farm space8UDJGResearch reportPUNovember 2018
9.1Develop guidelines to increase the competitiveness of rural-local communities from WWP sustainable development model9UPMResearch reportPUFebruary 2019
10.1Publications, conference proceedings10USAMVActivity report, PublicationsPUMay 2019

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