Project plan

WP NumberWP TitleLead beneficiaryStart monthEnd month
WP1Project management - preparation of the overall project implementation1 - USAMV12
WP2Systems for sustainable aquaculture1 - USAMV312
WP3Assessment of policy, planning and management strategies2 - UDJG1317
WP4Development of the model of multipurpose aquaponics production system2 - UDJG1822
WP5Interaction of multi-use aquaponics production platform with environment conditions2 - UDJG2327
WP6Optimization of installation, operation, and maintenance of the multi-use aquaponics production platforms2 - UDJG2834
WP7Innovative multi-use aquaponics production platform plan and design2 - UDJG3538
WP8Economical, technical and environmental feasibility of multi-use Platforms2 - UDJG3942
WP9Opportunities for sustainable development of rural-local communities (with potential fisheries) based on “Working with People” model3 - UPM4345
WP10Project dissemination & outreach activities1 - USAMV4648